Royal Enfield Himalayan Modifications – My Renderings

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It’s been almost two months since the deliveries of the Himalayan have started. Many bikers, as is all over the world, want to personalize and customize their bikes to their taste and make them their own. Some do it for functionality and some do it for aesthetic reasons. In the end some really awesome machines are produced. I have already seen few very well personalized Himalayans out on the internet. They are mostly functional mods like new moto-style handle bars, fog-lamps or hand and leg guards. Couple of owners have done simple modifications to the looks as well.

I have always been a fan of modified or customized bikes. I also have always personalized my bikes with small and reversible aesthetic and functional modifications. In this post I will share my vision of different concepts for the Himalayan. I shall be making a few of these modifications to my own Himalayan in days to come. These images are my extremely humble and non-professional renderings done on ‘MS Paint’, so please forgive my amature and almost childish attempts! Also forgive my overzealous watermarking, I don’t want anybody to steal my images!

  • Scrambler – This is a very simple mod keeping almost the whole bike stock. I have just removed the rear luggage carrier, wind-screen and rear seat along with slight modification to the front seat to make it flat. The seat has been covered in brown leather with diamond shaped stiching. I have added grey stickering with classic Royal Enfield gold pin-striping on the tank and on the side panels just above and below the Himalayan engraving.

This is not really very tricky to do and is very good for keeping the bike stock with just some simple and cost effective personalization.

  • Dirt-tracker – This involves a bit more custom work. The seat is similar to my scrambler but I’ve added a flat seat cowl with gold pin-striping in place of the rear seat. The tank has the same grey vinyl sticker with gold pin-striping but a Royal Enfield emblem has been added. The side panels have custom stickering with a racing number and gold pin-striping. Most importantly the head light and instrument panel have been removed and replaced with a metal screen with small twin-LED lamps. The screen too has a racing number and gold pin-striping. The rear fender has been chopped. The stock mirrors have been replaced with a handle mounted one.

All these modifications make the Himalayan look like a classic dirt-tracker, which will be much lighter but still very usable on the road and will be a blast to ride in the dirt or race at a dirt-track. This actually looks like it can be Royal Enfield’s factory dirt-racing or rally bike.

  • Café-Racer – Yes, I know making a café racer out of the Himalayan is crazy. But I love café racers and after doing the rendering I realized it actually looks good! Here I’ve added a curvy and sexy café-racer seat cowl in stock color with gold pin-striping. The rest of the rear section is chopped up and the brake light and indicators have been shifted to the rear sub-frame or cowl. The front wind-screen has been replaced by a smaller more aerodynamic screen which gives it an old-school look. The front off-road fender has been chucked, because really, a café-racer shouldn’t be ridden off-road, even if it has been based on an adventure bike! The tank (aside from the RE emblem) and side panels are same as the dirt-tracker.

So what do you guys think of my ideas for customizing the Royal Enfield Himalayan. I know the café-racer is a bit far-fetched, but that’s the fun of customization! You can do whatever you please and nobody can tell you what’s right or what’s wrong, as long as the end-product looks good!

Do you have any amazing ideas for modifying the Himalayan or have already done any awesome customizations? Let me know in the comments and send me photos and I shall include the best ones in my article with your name!

Cheers and remember – keep Wandering, keep Driving and keep Eating!!

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6 thoughts on “Royal Enfield Himalayan Modifications – My Renderings

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  1. Hey excellent post. I was not knowing your expertise and interest extends to this as well. I know u r interested in music. Mast keep it up man.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve seen all your ideas about modifying Royal enfield himalayan.
    Happy with first two of them.
    But the cafe racer isn’t cafe racer yet i think !
    You need to lower the bike a bit and add another headlight.
    And seat too. add a double seat which is more attractive which i think is.
    Im looking forward to alter my himalayan too. Wish you got some ideas for it.
    Thats all thank you ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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