The K Factory Review


The K Factory was quite a happy discovery for us as we live far away from Baner. But since the last few years Baner has been our favourite hunting ground for new and exciting foods. And again this new restaurant didn’t fail to deliver. We went for dinner to K Factory on a Thursday night and reached at about 9 pm.

The Location – The K factory is located bang on the main road in Baner, in IQS Tower, with ample parking options on the surrounding roads which is always a good thing.


The Ambience – The ambience is very modern, simple and elegant with warm-mellow lighting. The place looks really beautiful, casual and young with good music. There are a variety of seating options like high bar stool seating and small-low café style tables along the walls with normal tables in the central space with seating for 4-6 people each. We were seated next to the window on a small café table, with just enough space for two, making it a cozy and intimate experience, perfect for our date night.

The Beverages –Lemon Iced Tea – We just had the lemon ice tea and it was refreshing and sweet. Not the best I’ve had, as it did not taste of real brewed tea, but very tasty never the less.

 The Food

Factory Special Salad

Factory Special Salad with Chicken – This salad was amazing, with roasted bell peppers, lettuce, beans and a whole grilled breast of chicken on top with creamy balsamic vinaigrette. The combination of flavours was perfect; the vinaigrette and creamy sauce were delicious. The roast chicken needs a special mention. It was wonderfully juicy, soft and pink in the middle, unlike most places that provide chewy overcooked chicken. Full marks!


Wonderfully Pink Chicken

Spicy Seafood Salad – This salad had calamari and prawns marinated in a spicy sauce with lettuce and roasted bell peppers. It was spicy and delicious. The Ice tea helped cool down the heat of the spice. The vinaigrette dressing was spot on. Though, I got only one prawn and I wished there were more.

Spicy Seafood Salad

Sashimi with Honey and Chilly Lamb – Sashimi is Japanese sweet rice. It was really sweet but quite tasty, topped with sweet and spicy shredded lamb. The lamb was the star of the dish for me. It was perfectly cooked, meaty without being very chewy and the sauce was perfect.


Honey Chilly Lamb Sashimi

We really wanted to try their flatbreads but ran out of real estate in our bellies. But that meant we could hog on the K Factory’s famous desserts.

Caramel Pannacotta – I’m a big fan of a good pannacotta and have had very few really good ones. And this one definitely sits right at the top. It was amazingly wobbly and was served with coffee dust and the most amazing looking golden candy floss. The pannacotta was creamy and perfect with the most amazing texture. The sweetness was perfect, the caramel was luscious and the coffee added an amazing tinge of bitterness elevating it to another level. Now about the caramel candy floss, it was just out of this world. It was crisp and sweet and just tasted amazing, it was like candy floss, but for adults, very naughty.

Caramel Pannacotta

Rum and Coffee Misu – If there is something that can dethrone the best Tiramisu I’ve had, this is definitely it. The perfect bend of rum soaked saviordii biscuits, cream cheese and coffee sauce with coffee dust is just sinful. The perfect balance of bitterness, sweetness and creaminess was bang on. This is a dessert which is sure to keep me up at night and not because of the coffee.

Rum and Coffee Misu

Though the desserts we ordered were slightly similar, they were very distinct and had different taste and texture profiles. These two desserts just made our night and we went home giggling.

The Money Matters – This was the biggest surprise of the night. This place is incredibly well priced. Each of our dishes cost not more than Rs. 160 (with the additional chicken just costing 50 bucks). The K Factory is extremely value for money. The food is amazing and different without being unnecessarily overpriced which so many other places are.

The K Factory is a full on recommendation to everybody, they have food that will cater to everyone’s tastebuds despite having very different – sort of fusion – cuisine. The quantity too is perfect so that you don’t fill up on just one dish and you can try more stuff; but enough that you can share with someone without starving. In just one visit I can definitely say I have found my new favourite restaurant in town!

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