Royal Enfield Himalayan – Reports of Early Problems Already Coming In – UPDATE

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New post about latest problems – RE Himalayan New Problems Emerge

Newly Included Problems 

  1. Bike Not StartingDue to Paint from inside the Fuel Tank peeling off and blocking the fuel tap.
  2. Increased Tappet Sound.
  3. Engine Over-Heating.
  4. Oil Leakage.


Royal Enfield started deliveries of the Himalayan just about a month ago or so and already reports of mechanical problems with the bike have started pouring in. In this post we will try to assemble all the problems faced by the early Himalayan owners in one place and also discuss solutions as well as response of Royal Enfield about the same.

Following are the most common problems reported by owners –

  • UPDATE – Engine Over-heating – A lot of owners are complaining of the Himalayan’s engine heating up quite a lot especially in city conditions. Most owners though said that there wasn’t much engine heating on highways or open roads.
  • Oil Leakage – (Himalayan showcasing its ‘Royal Enfield’ heritage?) Oil leakage has been reported from the crank-case covers, spark-plug holes as well as the engine head. The reason for such leakage or just ‘seepage’ in most cases is faulty gaskets or the various engine bolts or the spark plug not tightened to the optimum torque.
  • Increased Tappet Sound – Another very common problem that seems to have been reported many times is increased tappet sounds. Also a few more alien sounds from the engine have been reported once. According to Yogesh M. Mange (on Royal Enfield Himalayan Owners Group), the service centre has made a video of the engine sounds to be sent back to the factory for diagnosis and the service centre does not have permission to open the engine till they get a definite reply from Royal Enfield Factory.
  • Hard Gear Shifts – Hard gear shifts, especially from 1st to 2nd is the most common problem faced by most Himalayan owners. The rest of the gears seem to engage smoothly but shifting from 1st to 2nd requires considerable effort or it refuses to shift completely on the first try. Couple of reports of the company needing to replace clutch plates to resolve the issue have reached us.
Source – Facebook, Royal Enfield Himalayan Owners Group. Photo credits – Koushik Mandal.
  • Jammed Gearbox – Extremely rare but a couple of reports of completely jammed gear boxes have also come in. Bike got stuck completely in neutral or a gear and it refused to shift up or down.
  • Bike Not StartingDue to Paint from inside the Fuel Tank peeling off and blocking the fuel tap. This is a very serious and unique problem. It’s not common for the paint inside the fuel tank being so low quality. We don’t know whether this is a one off problem or has happened multiple times. We will have to wait to see if more cases are reported.
Source – Facebook, Royal Enfield Himalayan Owner’s Group. Photo Credits – Jack Nagi.
  • Low Fuel Economy – Some owners are reporting of very low fuel efficiency from the Himalayan, some as low as 20-25 kmpl for everyday use.
  • Chain guard Falling off/getting Loose – Few reports of the chain guards falling off or getting loose have come in. The factory or dealership not properly screwing in the chain guard in place being the reason.
  • Saree Guard Falling off/getting Loose – Again similar to the above point saree guard too not being fixed on the Himalayan properly has resulted in it falling off or coming loose.
  • Main Stand – Few owners have complained that the main stand is extremely close or scraping the chain on the bike. This is also rare but there have been a few reports.
  • Rattles from Headlight – Couple of owners have complained of mechanical rattles from the headlight area as if some metal piece is loose and is flopping around.


Solutions to above problems –

  • Engine Over-Heating – The engine is not actually over-heating. Engine heat is not really an issue. Any engine, especially slightly higher capacity engines tend to heat up. As the Himalayan’s engine is primarily air cooled (with just an oil-cooler) at low speeds and typical city conditions, the engine will seem to run hotter than usual but it is still within the normal operating temperature range. As soon as the speeds increase, like on open roads and highways, with a lot of cool air flowing over the engine, the engine heat is dissipated quickly and thus engine doesn’t seem so hot.
  • Oil Leakage – In most cases the engine-oil leakage has been minimum. Getting all the bolts / spark plugs tightened to optimum torque should resolve the issue. If not, replacing gaskets and / or applying gasket sealants and torquing bolts / spark plugs to recommended torque will resolve the issue.
  • Increased Tappet Sound – This problem is yet to be resolved by the service station. We shall update as soon as possible.
  • Hard gear shifts – Potential buyers will be happy to note that most owners reporting this problem said that after the first service the gear shifts have become much better and much smoother. With proper running-in of the bike, oil change and proper bedding-in of parts resulting in the improvement. And the instances where this wasn’t enough, the dealerships have changed the clutch plates for free under warranty.
  • Bike Not StartingDue to Paint from inside the Fuel Tank peeling off and blocking the fuel tap – This issue has unfortunately not been resolved as of yet. We will update as soon as possible.
  • Jammed gearbox – The problem here seems to be a faulty gear selector pedal or the gear selector rod which prevented the gears from being selected. The dealers again replaced the faulty gear selector assembly for free under warranty. Thankfully no problems with the actual engine or gearbox have been reported.
  • Low Fuel Economy – Owners reported that the fuel economy returned to a more acceptable 30 – 35 kmpl after the first service with proper tuning. The Himalayan being carbureted, improper tuning can cause low fuel economy. Also during the first 1000 km following the proper running in procedure and avoiding extreme off-roading, which may put extra load on the fresh engine, should prevent very low fuel economy figures.
  • Chain Guard – Checking proper tightening of all the screws of the chain guard during delivery is the best solution. If not, getting it tightened later from the dealership if loosening is noticed is advisable.
  • Saree Guard – Same as the point above, it’s better to get it checked during delivery or getting screws tightened later if they come loose.
  • Main Stand – Most owners are not facing this issue, but if you are, getting the main stand repositioned to its ideal clearance from the chain is recommended.
  • Rattles from Headlight – Loose wires or bolts seems to be the reason for the rattles. Getting all bolts retightened and tying up loose wires with zip-ties will eliminate rattles.

Most of these problems faced by Himalayan owners seem to be minor and not extremely serious. Only the one-off cases of gear selector failure have left owners stranded. Rest all problems have occurred due to parts and accessories not being perfectly put together either by the factory or the dealerships. Though this is not very comforting for future owners, no reports of any major issues especially concerning the brand new engine or rear monoshock suspension have come in. How the Himalayan holds up in the long run is yet to be seen, so we will reserve that verdict till a year later or after extensive testing.

We also have to remember that the overall build quality of the Himalayan seems to be much better than Royal Enfields of old and with feedback the company should resolve these teething issues. The dealerships taking care of customers and replacing faulty parts under warranty is also a positive and confirms that the company is taking efforts to repair its image of sub-par sales and service.

Feel free to add any pointers or feedback for the Himalayan as well as this post in the comments below. Any suggestions for solutions of the problems as well as any new problems faced by you will also be most welcome. If you have a new issue and if there are good solutions given by you, we will include them in this post. Also don’t forget to like our Facebook Page – WanderDriveEat for regular updates of this post and to view your new issues and solution.

Thank you for reading. Keep riding and keep off roading!

37 thoughts on “Royal Enfield Himalayan – Reports of Early Problems Already Coming In – UPDATE

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  1. Though I don’t own a bullet of any make and model, I am surprised why should engine be opened to replace faulty clutch plate for gear shift problem. Shouldn’t this be taken care by manufacturing unit by Bullet itself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Adnan. The engine hasn’t been opened. Only the gearbox covers have been opened to replace the clutch plates, which is how it is done in any bike. The work was done at official Royal Enfield Service station and was done free of charge, under warranty by the dealership.


  2. Nice man, useful stuff. I hadn’t expected the fuel tank paint peeling problem to be present with Himalayans too, have seen it happen on every other RE though. Don’t think there’s any simple solution for it either.

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  3. Dont know much about the Himalayan, buy iv been riding a Continental GT for about 2 years now. Its full of similar issues such as Hard gear shifts, stuff falling off etc.. My throttle cable broke before the second service.

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  4. Have experienced the same problem as gears shifting, rattling sound and carb tuning. Took the bike to MM hills for running-in, did not cross 80 kmph. The overall performance of the suspension and engine is amazing compared to the new UEC engines. Vibration is much less too. Got the first service done. Gears are smooth, but still having the problems while shifting from 1 to 2.

    After carb tuning, the sound is amazing and the pick-up is linear. The windscreen (wind deflector) is ill designed. The air breaking angle is bad and hits directly on the helmet, creating lots of noise inside.

    In short, I am happy with the over all bike performance and it’s the best Stallion in the current RE stable.


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  5. The very fact that they refused to release any sales numbers was the first indicator that their bravado was wrongly placed.
    80% of India is 800-1000km or more away from the foothills of the himalayas and the lack of the 6th gear is almost incomprehensible as you can imagine droning from Mumbai to Manali on what’s a modern engine in 5th…
    What has bothered me is their deafness to criticism- constructive or otherwise. They seemed ready to answer all public queries of low bhp and the lack of the 6th with an exasperated ‘why doyou need it?’ Attitude.
    Going forward it’s goign to be the same with the 650 or whatever they have in the pipeline.
    The touring world of India is small and unless RE reaches out to riders who ride all kinds of bikes and on all kinds of terrain ton understand what makes a bike good- this waste of time, money and energy will continue to show.
    It’s tragic that they have wasted a beautiful product opportunity. Now for the next decade they have the resources to keep fiddling… such a waste.

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  6. Tappet noise like the in the CL 500 UCE engine is evident in my Himalayan too. Service guy at Technik motor says it will go away by 2nd service, not too convinced. Cold start in the morning without the kicker is worrying. I had not used the bike for 6 days, it took at least 15 attempts to get it going. Wonder how long the battery will last at this rate. Had to get the chain adjusted 3-4 times due to noise, mostly touching some part. I dont get a good feel about the overall quality of the bike 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your contribution Rajesh. We will definitely include tappet noise concerns in this post and try and find answers. This is again a recurring complain. Yes, the infamous ‘kickstarter’. That definitely is going to be a very common complaint we believe after one year for ownership as the battery becomes weaker, or for somebody who uses the bike occasionally or as a weekend warrior.


      1. Issues with my bike seems to be getting worse :(( Gear wont shift from 1st to 2nd, specialist mechanic for HImalayan at Teknik motors Bangalore seems clueless. I suspect its the clutch plate. I have insisted they fix the tappet noise problem as well. Had to escalate the matter to officials in Eicher motors to take action.
        I get a feeling it was a wrong decision to buy one of these initial batch bike. The company is doing R&D on these test mules at the cost of early bird customers like me.


  7. Just did 350 on the new Himalayan and the head light fuse burned out. Simultaneous replacements also burned out. It’s in service since 4 days. They are also getting same issue. Waiting for them to fix it properly. No other issues.

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    1. Thank you for your contribution Ruben. Your problem seems a bit of a one-off but definitely is an extremely serious issue. We sure hope it gets resolved as soon as possible and we too will try and find out a few answers. Best of luck.


  8. of all the problem mentioned above, only one issue is bothering me… FE, my has bagheera done 1700 KMS with 20-25 kmpl.

    But, trust me, if you have a Himalayan in your stable, you have more than just a bike.


    1. Thank you for your contribution Samudralasudheer! The efficiency seems low for sure. You’re completely right, the Himalayan though truely is more than just a bike and also many bikes in one. So we’re happy to see you give more importance to enjoying the bike that worrying just about ‘kitna deti hai?’ 😉


  9. Some points I would like to add.
    1. Engine heat. I have ridden approx 500kms and the bike engine seems to reach extreme temprature. At times you have to stop riding. Even the plastic cover near tool box and air filter gets hot.
    2. Gear shift has been already added. I also face issue in moving to neutral on red lights. At times in struggle between 1st-2ns gear.

    Apart from these small troubles I feel amazing riding on this bike. It has great control over rough roads. For tall people its really comfortable.


  10. I have seen lot of my friends complaining about Royal Enfield. Doesn’t matter what the models are. Most have bike similar issues.

    This means, RE is not doing any kind of PROPER R&D and no proper TEST been performed before the launch. They make the Riders suffer a lot.


  11. I just bought Himalayan before 3 months ago and now it’s start showing problems. It’s not starting. Mechanic said its battery problem and handle bar also jam

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  12. Hi. I have owned Himalayan in the month of jul.16 and after 5 months, the vehicle had started to give trouble As explained further. 1. Oil leakage from crank case 2. During higher acceleration, the engine waits for 5 to 8 sec to pickup sufficient torque/power to reach desired speed. After diagnosis in service center, found approximate 30 to 40 gram of foreign particles stucked inside the carburattor. I feel this may be the paint feel inside the fuel tank as the pick up issue repeated immediately after the service run of 50 kms.. Chandan

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  13. Hey, I purchased Himalayan 20 days back.. today when visited service centre to get first service done and complaint about difficulty in changing gear, service centre told me that company suggested to replace clutch assembly… they did free of cost but this solution they have for long than why were this not sorted out before selling.


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