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It wasn’t just any other afternoon, it was our anniversary afternoon. A quiet romantic lunch was in order. After a lot of pondering and contemplating, I decided on taking the beloved wife to Terttulia. I have been wanting to go for a very long time. The laid back European bistro type feel, an interesting mix of Mediterranean and American grub and funnily the multiple, incessant and mouthwatering Instagram posts of Mojorojo (Rohan Joshi, AIB fame) of the place from his recent visit to Pune sealed the deal.

We reached Terttulia at about 1 pm. It was a weekday so the place wasn’t too packed. There are two seating areas, a chilled out outdoor café style space which is decorated in very interesting art pieces and funny old signs from diners plus an indoor area which seems a little more sophisticated. Us being self-proclaimed sophisticated buggers and the temperatures being close to 40 degrees outside, you really don’t have to guess where we sat.

Outdoor Seating Area. Source – Zomato


The Ambiance – It is very classic Mediterranean with white walls and wood furniture. It is quite warm and welcoming. I know it’s supposed to be rustic, but all the chairs, tables, floor, walls as well as fittings seem a bit tired. May be at night with soft lighting it looks much better, but in bright daylight, it seemed unimpressive. Unfortunately we sat right next to the kitchen door, so our table wasn’t very quiet and waiters tend to hang out in the corner next to our table, so it wasn’t very private too. It was our fourth anniversary, so one upshot of that was all this didn’t really affect us too much and we decided stay put and enjoy the afternoon.

Indoor Seating Area. Source – Zomato

We first ordered beverages to start, as we went through the menu, a cold iced Americano for me and a lemon ice tea for the lady.

Lemon Ice Tea – It was really refreshing, albeit a bit strong and sweet, but it had a lot of ice in it, so it became milder with time and retained its flavor till the last sip.

Iced Americano – For me this is a summer favourite and the cold, sweet black coffee cooled me down and gave me a good old kick.

They had a specials menu with lot of very interesting dishes but the Asian Sticky Pork Belly caught my eye along with Chicken Tapenade, from the Tapas menu. These were our starters.

Asian Sticky Pork Belly – The Pork Belly was succulent, juicy and fatty. It was beautifully cooked with a sticky sweet and spicy glaze. It was served with a herby green sauce and it was fresh, mild and delicious. It perfectly complemented the sticky glaze. I was really surprised at how tasty the dish was. A definite recommendation!

Asian Sticky Pork Belly

Chicken Tapenade – The chicken was bursting with flavor, and the meat was juicy and very well cooked. The sauce was garlicky and perfectly spicy with a slight sausage like taste. It was fantastic. This too is a definite recommendation.

Chicken Tapenade

For the main course we contemplated between a pizza and a pasta dish, and I was eyeing the Filet Mignon. But the quantity of our starter dishes was quite good and we didn’t have too much space in our bellies. So we went with a Philly Cheesesteak ‘whiz wit’ (whatever that means)!

Philly Cheesesteak – I was really looking forward to this. I had always wanted to taste one. The cheese steak was well presented on a wooden cutting board with the sandwich on one side with huge potato wedges and a simple tomato, onion and lettuce salad on the side. I had imagined it with typical yellow American or chedder cheese and tender roast beef strips. But cheese was too bland tasting and the beef was dripping in barbeque sauce. I have to admit, I did not enjoy the Philly Cheesesteak much. I can’t comment on its authenticity, but it wasn’t what I imagined it would be. The barbeque sauce tasted too much like ketchup and it was sweet and not savoury. The multi grain baguette was really tasty and crispy though. This dish not quite recommended.

Philly Cheesesteak ‘Whiz Wit’

Service  – A definite thumbs up for service. It was quick, the staff was helpful and it was a pleasant experience.

In conclusion, I would definitely give a thumbs up to Terttulia because the atmosphere is very chilled out and the place is very welcoming. The food is excellent, except for my Philly cheese steak, but I know I really need to try other dishes because I am certain they will make up for it. The Pork Belly and The Chicken Tapenade were delicious. The beverages are very refreshing and tasty. I would recommend though for a cozier and intimate ambiance, night time would be better, but if you wanted to avoid crowds, lunch time is perfect.

Have you been to Terttulia? Make sure to type in how your experience was with the place. And also let me know if you agree or disagree with my review.

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