Welcome to WanderDriveEat


Hello Readers!

Welcome. As my blog’s extremely innovative and complicated name suggests I will be talking about three things – Travel, automobiles and food. Separately as well as together.

My name is Dr. Anupam Potdar. Well, don’t get too excited, I’m just a Dentist. So, that may not put me on top of the Doctor food chain, but I certainly have more time to explore and dissect the world!

I will share with you my stories as I  wander to the various corners of the Earth, as much as my tinie winie wallet shall allow. I shall drive as many wierd and wonderful automobiles as I can get my hands on, may it be on two wheels or four or more. And I shall eat my way through all this while tasting all the world has to offer, may it have legs or wings or fins or none of the above.

Cheers! And I hope to see you again and again!


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