Michelin To Introduce Off-Road Tyres in India

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Michelin is expected to launch new Dual Sport tyres in the Indian Market in 2017. The popular French tyre manufacturer has quite a following in India for its road tyres and with adventure and off-road motorcycling on the rise in India, this will be a welcome move. It is expected that the new Anakee Wild will be launched.

This is very good news for many bikers in India as there are extremely limited options for off-road tyres currently. With adventure riding (hint – Leh Ladakh) and off-road riding becoming quite popular in the recent years, these tyres will definitely find a lot of takers. With the launch of the Himalayan from Royal Enfield and a cult following for the now discountinued Hero Impulse among off-road enthusiasts, their owners are looking for high quality off-road tyres.


Let’s take a look at the Anakee Wild –

  1. 50-50 tyre – Which means it has a 50% bias for on-road as well as off-road usage.
  2. The Anakee Wild is equally comfortable on-road as well as very competent off-road without too much compromise on comfort, grip or stability in either situation.
  3. Radial tyre – The Anakee Wild is a Radial tyre which is a huge advantage over bias-ply tyres in strength and flexibility improving overall grip, comfort as well as durability.
  4. Current Sizes – The Anakee Wild is currently only available internationally in 17 and 19 inch options with two sizes each – 110/80 R19, 120/70 R19 (front) 150/70 R17 and 170/60 R17 (rear)
  5. Excellent reviews for these tyres on many off-road forums as well as professional tests by magazines and websites.

Michelin will introduce more sizes in time which will include 18 and 21 inch wheel size as well, making them suitable for all adventure motorcycles. We will have to wait and see when the tyre in launched in India and hopefully we will get sizes appropriate for the Royal Enfield range (19″ and 18″) including the Himalayan (21″ and 17″) which most probably will be the highest consumer for off-road tyres in India.


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  1. Sunil Bajracharya says:

    I need this anarkee wild Tyre. Is it available in India pls pls pls mail me if this is available in India

  1. December 9, 2016

    […] 6) Rear Tyre Locking up – Almost all owners have complained and experienced this. The rear tyre does tend to lock up very easily on the Himalayan. It happens even at low speeds or sometimes while downshifting. We can blame the hard compound of the dual purpose tyres for this. It is not extremely dangerous but one surely has to ride carefully keeping this in mind. The only solution is replacing the tyre with a premium tyre with more grip. (This? – Michelin To Introduce Off-Road Tyres in India) […]

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